MARYHILL CLAYWORKS sculpture and pottery of Jacques Schickel

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Welcome to Maryhill Clayworks. I am a one-person small business, working from my studio in Freeville, NY.

I make everything you order with the greatest of care, and handle each order individually -- from design, to production and shipping.

I use only high quality white stoneware clay with a premium white glaze that is smooth and soft to the touch. 

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I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Dryden, NY in the heart of the Fingerlakes’ wine country.  I'm the 7th son and 11th child of Marion and Norbert Schickel's 13 children. 


From my mother I learned balance, proportion and how to live a beautiful life. From my father I learned about setting goals, dreaming big and taking a chance. From my brothers and sisters I learned to be scrappy, to be kind, and to share. 


In 2003 I founded Maryhill Clayworks, named for our dairy farm. My home and studio are located just outside of Ithaca.

My wish is to create beautiful work, which complements and inspires your culinary creations, houses your beautiful bouquets, or celebrates your milestone events.

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All best wishes,  Jacques Schickel

Buy 5 ornaments and get a 6th one Free.

Buy 10 ornaments get 2 Free... etc. etc. It's easy, when you place your order let me know in the note section which ornament you want for your free ornament. If you forget, no worries I will email to ask you when I receive the notice of your order.

The Cheerful Vase 

 the smile catcher 




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Fruit Compote

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Abe Lincoln bronze

This is a Bronze 4' Relief of Abraham Lincoln Reading to his son.

Commissioned by the Dryden Southworth Library, Dryden, NY.


If you are interested in purchasing one of the bronze casts in the edition please email by going to the contact page. 

All works are made and signed by me and only me in my Freeville, NY Studio

Contact information:



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Many thanks, Jacques


Baby's Bunny Bowl 

"This is the sweetest thing I have ever ever seen ! 

Much love to you, Jacques."

 -Victoria Mackenzie-Childs


"I am a proud collector of the beautiful work of Jacques Schickel. Every time I use a bowl, vase or plate from Maryhill Clayworks, I'm reminded of a country garden on a languid summer day."

Amy Dickinson, syndicated advice columnist, "Ask Amy"


Your bowl is being adored in Vermont, your whispering rabbit is being cherished in D.C., and your fish is delighting my mother in Pleasantville. Thank you, thank you! - Betsy"

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To inquire about commissioning a work of pottery or sculpture please contact me. I'm easy to talk to. - Jacques 

Still life with Rose - wall plaque

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"The mugs arrived yesterday and they are just perfect ! I really love them ! -

Thank you and Merry Christmas," Laurie

Alphabet Mug - click to see more 

Please share my website with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or through Email. It's easy

just click on one of the logo buttons above.

Many thanks, Jacques